Set Yourself Up For Failure

Improve the quality of your failures, and use them to accelerate your growth!

Do you believe that failure is how you learn and grow, but struggle to turn your failures into success?

This newsletter (and the upcoming book) will help you improve the quality of your failures, and teach you how to use failure to accelerate growth.


Paid subscribers (just $9.00 monthly or $90 yearly) get full access to all issues, full access to the archive, plus draft chapters from my upcoming book on failure, as they become available. Also included are case studies, deep dives, Q&A sessions and comment threads, where we can all get together and talk about leadership and failure.

Frequent topics of discussion include:

  • Techniques for handling stress and managing emotions

  • Tips on giving and receiving feedback, setting boundaries, and communicating expectations

  • Conflict resolution techniques

  • Discussions about building a culture of trust, and psychological safety

  • And many other leadership topics

Additionally, paid subscribers receive discounts on one-on-one coaching with me.

All subscribers, paid or free, get one issue a month discussing a leadership topic.


And now a little about me. I'm an executive coach, engineering leader, and writer. I spent two decades of my early career as a software engineer, followed by a decade in leadership roles. And since 2019, I've been helping tech executives and entrepreneurs navigate their leadership journeys.

One of my clients had this to say about working with me:

George has been instrumental in helping me find my voice as an executive. I’d recommend him to anyone who feels they need a trusted advisor to help them navigate a leadership role. — Aaron S., Vice President of Engineering

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George Sudarkoff

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